Though this process must be prayerfully followed, there are some thorny matters that prayers may not provide the immediate solution. This question poses a problem whenever it is raised.

The answers Christians give depend on their denominational background. They point out the difference between dating and courting.

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In discussing Christian dating, it is necessary to note from the onset that everyone feels the irresistible urge to be with someone special and to be with someone who thinks you are special. This feeling is heightened by the fact that you notice that everywhere you look you seem to find a man and woman paired off.

You can't just resist the urge to have a close friend of the opposite sex and become a part of that amazing relationship a couple has.

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Nowadays, young Christian men and women have unique means of meeting and knowing each other.

Obviously, God will not use the burning bush experience to show you instantly who you should marry.

However, He wants to guide us through the process of knowing when to date, who to date and who we are to eventually marry.

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This question pops up in many discussions on Christian dating. Some Christian denominations, for example evangelicals, will advise you shouldn’t date someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs you have about Christ. K to date unbelievers if the aim is to bring them into the Christian fold. What should be the appropriate step to take if you’ve prayed and you still believe that God is leading you to date someone who is not a member of your sect?

Offline, there are numerous organizations established for the purpose of facilitating the meeting of Christian men and women who are in search of a life partner. Today, Christians date online through Christian dating services provided by numerous Christian dating sites.