During this time, West Coast began releasing her own material for free download online, later recording a music video for the song "I Love Money".The mixtape featured Evan Ross, French Montana, Snoop Dogg and Robin Thicke.Big Black also set two eating records on the show: most bananas eaten in one minute and the most number of powdered donuts eaten in three minutes.

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Dyrdek and then Scalia completed the script over the span of six months.

While pitching the script he decided to fund the film with his own money.

His horses have raced in stakes including the Breeder’s Cup.

Dyrdek founded this foundation in 2003, and it has merged with the SLS Foundation.

In 2014, Dyrdek was labeled as one of the "Most influential skateboarders of all-time" by Fox Weekly.

Of his early interest in the sport, Dyrdek has stated, "I was so focused on becoming a pro skateboarder.

This foundation builds legal skate parks for skateboarders in their communities.

This cause is close to Dyrdek because of the ties he has with being a professional skateboarder.

Sterling and Chanel stopped by the Cambio studios to talk about season 2 of the show--and spill the beans on what Rob is really like. And Chanel says there's an episode coming up this season where she tells a story about taking her mom's car--and her mom doesn't know about it!