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The search for proxy climatic data was the original application of tree rings.

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Carbon-14 is a naturally occurring isotope of the element carbon.

In seasonal climates, trees preserve a continuous record of annual events, in particular, climate.

This procedure depends on temporal placement of fragments of wood using carbon-14 (C age and that also extends to a younger age.

A tree ring pattern that matches is found close to where the carbon ‘dates’ are the same.

Cronin's textbook mentions that calibration is one of the most important aspects of using proxies, and it is only briefly mentioned in the article. To improve this article, I would have broadened its scope.

I took a class before where we did discuss the calibration curve of dendrochronology, but the article doesn't explain how or even why this needs to be done. "Dendrochronology in Climatology - the State of the Art." Dendrochronologia 20.1-2 (2002): 95-116. I would include more details about the calibration, the science of actually "reading" the tree rings, and more data about how different trees are affected by climate changes.

Results of carbon-14 dating are reported in radiocarbon years, and calibration is needed to convert radiocarbon years into calendar years.

Uncalibrated radiocarbon measurements are usually reported in years BP where 0 (zero) BP is defined as AD 1950.

In terms of discussing dendrochronology as a paleoclimate proxy, this article needs a lot of work. This article in particular is what I would have modeled the Wikipedia article after.