The first point Grant makes is how to write a compelling profile.

When you write your profile or when your interacting with people online Grant talks about adding attractors in your communications.

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This interview with Grant, an expert in language and uses this to meet women online and in the real world.

The tip was to take the topics a girl throws at you and then demonstrate that you process that quality by describing/discussing that implies you embody that feeling.

Instead of reading her profile and commenting that you like doing x, instead describe a time when you did x.

For example if she mentions cycling as an interest, mention the time you went on an exhilarating bike ride in the hills and the felling of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, instead of saying ‘I like cycling to’.

I really liked the part about being subtle in your language instead of being direct.

Attractors are positive qualities that women find attractive.

The interview goes on to discuses ways to develop these attributes, including build confidence, having strong frames/mental processes and having interests in different areas.

Now I don’t think twice about going in a tanning shop.

Girls now constantly mention my ‘healthy’ glow but by overcoming my initial trepidation my comfort zone has now expanded and tanning ts just another thing and place I’m confident to do. Some other tips that I thought were note worthy, included don’t use your real name.

Grant goes to to recommend read Allan Pease – Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps. I thought Grants perspective on language was really interesting.