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To make matters worse I was not able to find the Filipina lady’s profile for a few days, and I was feeling slightly gutted at the time, and what If I was not able to make contact again?

I needn’t have been concerned, just under two weeks later I received a message from Lillie (the Filipina), she had replied to my questions.

So, after getting an engagement ring, it was soon time for me to leave for the UK, and Lillie was actually leaving too to head back home to the Philippines once her contract had finished.

As I had previously been married there were things I needed to do, banns had to be posted and proof of divorce etc.

I'll let you know more about me when we get closed each other, Well i came in to this site for a chance to find my soulmate. Partying is really not my thing but I love beers and whiskys. I tell corny jokes to bring out the disappointment in your face.

the lady for me, the lady for my heart, the lady for my life, the lady to be my partner, the la.. I am very curious about interracial relationship and I'm hoping to try it... I like I'm just a simple woman who loves and care my family, specially my mother. im proud of who i am Im 5'7 height Short hair Athletic body Wearing pants and shirts Friendly Most important of all attitudes Know how toi am a type of woman which simple and faithful. was required, meanwhile Lillie had to do something similar in the Philippines.She had to attend a seminar in Cebu and had to attend a personal interview, the Philippines is very protective of their female citizens, too many times they have been taken advantage of.After a while of communicating, I mentioned about visiting her in Dubai for a holiday, Lillie thought it was strange why I wanted to meet her so soon, but to me it just seemed the right thing to do.