My bags were packed and I was off to meet Lillie in Dubai, the plane touched down and mobile phones could be turned on.From then every 2 minutes I received a text, “where are you,” this carried on until I finally cleared immigration and entered the airport proper.

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Davao city dating girls video

I read all her answers and then answered the questions she asked of me, this went on for the remainder of the first month, each time we got to learn a little more about each other… Finally the time came when we could converse by normal means, so we exchanged details, Skype, Yahoo, Messenger etc., and I cancelled my subscription to the dating site before the second payment was due.

Once we had started to talk on a regular basis, and I mean every single night, Lillie told me where she was working and all about her hometown of Davao City and how Davao girls are warm, caring, and quiet compared to a lot of girls in the Philippines.

So, after getting an engagement ring, it was soon time for me to leave for the UK, and Lillie was actually leaving too to head back home to the Philippines once her contract had finished.

As I had previously been married there were things I needed to do, banns had to be posted and proof of divorce etc.

: -) im just a simple woman, I got really I am the type of person who loves nature and stars because it makes me feel relieve.

I love to work abroad maybe Europe and hoping to find someone. I'm not that kind of a friendly person but i know that i'm good enough as a friend.

I like to read story books、 watching movies, listening love songs.

I like also travelling but for now I have to focus on studying my japanese language.

To make matters worse I was not able to find the Filipina lady’s profile for a few days, and I was feeling slightly gutted at the time, and what If I was not able to make contact again?

I needn’t have been concerned, just under two weeks later I received a message from Lillie (the Filipina), she had replied to my questions.

I still remember Lillie pinching me as if I was not real, and I had the thought of WOW, she has big eyes.