One word of caution here, I know of twins who go back and forth in this separation phase for decades. This kind of coming together, breaking apart damages the soul the way the wave erodes the shore.One of the things you simply must do when you are in separation, is give some serious thought to what this relationship needs to be in order for you to accept it back into your life.

It is here where we do the things we will most regret on the other side.

This is where we are in danger of losing our dignity.

Or you're living your entire life in the shadow of waiting for them to come back to you.

You've convinced yourself you have no strength and power of your own and you are dwindling.

There are a ton of articles out there you can find that will tell you about the meeting phase, the runner/chaser phase, the harmonizing phase and all the rest, what I'm going to write to you about today are the real life phases you'll experience and the emotions that go along with them when you encounter your twin flame.

My personal philosophy is that there are enough people out there telling you every theory under the sun and you will find teachings that resonate with you. I am here to say, yeah twin flames, fantastic, big picture ethereal reunion, shifting planet energy and all that, but right now, your heart feels like it's been ripped through your nose and you don't know how to breath anymore.You connect with what you know as god and you hold on for dear life. All those fears and hurts, pain, and past issues, as they come up, you deal with them, you clear them. In many ways, this is the most difficult time and you're best to hold on, seek god, and ride it through. We put the blame of conflict entirely on them, their fears, their unwillingness to do it our way when what we should be doing is looking inward and upward, loving them in the purest sense of the word, while we love god and ourselves.That is why you're here, that is your purpose during this phase and no you don't get to say, Yeah this isn't fun anymore, I think I'm done. You can't make choices for your twin, but you do make them for yourself. This relationship is a triangle in the truest sense of the word and we must remember that.Whatever you chose to do, doesn't matter near as much as why, and if you are consciously aware of it.When we have awareness, when we have enlightenment, we have power and at the end of the day, that is the thing I wish for all of you, truth over denial, power over limitations.There is nothing you can do at this point, but surrender and trust there is a bigger plan at play.