These abuses may be: Digital abuse can take the form of stalking or bullying over the internet or mobile phones.

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However, as threats of violence and emotional and psychological abuses can also be violent in intent and results (to the point of resulting in suicide or self harm), and often escalate into and are conjoined with, physical violence it is, perhaps, dangerous to use this narrower definition.

The term ‘domestic’ can also be used as a ‘blanket term’, and can be separated from partner abuses if we refer to the latter as Intimate Partner Abuse or Intimate Partner Violence.

Taken in its narrowest meaning, it covers all acts of actual violence, whether to a person or their possessions in a domestic context.

This, then, includes sexual violence or abuse, all forms of physical abuse as given above and some stalking abuses.

Corry’s contention is that only violent acts that have the potential to cause injury should be considered as domestic violence by the courts. section=00010001002200410001&itemid=1272 ) clearly does not make this same distinction: So, the literal and legal definitions throw up many anomalies.

He makes a clear and controversial distinction between ‘abusive violence’ and what he calls ‘normal family violence’. Even what is meant by ‘domestic’ is open to very varied interpretations.According to the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, approximately 10 percent of adolescents nationwide reported being the victim of physical violence at the hands of a romantic partner during the previous year.[1] The rate of psychological victimization is even higher: Between two and three in 10 reported being verbally or psychologically abused in the previous year, according to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.[2]As for perpetration rates, there are currently no nationwide estimates for who does the abusing, and state estimates vary significantly.In South Carolina, for example, nearly 8 percent of adolescents reported being physically violent to a romantic partner.To speak to someone in relation to this, contact: US: Leaving behind the complex legal definitions, it may be helpful to view domestic abuse as a term that covers all family related abuses.It can be seen as a ‘blanket definition’ that includes acts of violence in addition to all the other types of abuse that take place within a family or close relationship setting.‘…pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner’.