Yellow asks for your phone number, then you're texted an access code to enter.

You’re asked for your Snapchat Username and then four add’l questions: I didn't actually want to make friends nearby...

The very first photo that appeared for me was of the Yellow development team.

The app also connects you almost exclusively with people .

• Has no functionality aside from the "finding new friends" option, and therefore has no discernible upside for teens under 17. So if your teen downloads Yellow they will be able to flirt via Snapchat with other people who may or not be the age they say they are and who mostly live within a 60-mile radius of your house.

The next photo was of “Tommy, 14.” So much for the 17 age of users.

Tommy's hometown is a suburb about 30 miles away from where I live.

Given my usual approach of cautious optimism—Yellow has me flummoxed. But, as I discovered, the App Store age rating is simply a guideline—it doesn’t prevent anyone with a Snapchat account, no matter how old they are, from downloading Yellow and using it.

This is the same rating that dating apps like Tinder have.

The difference is that Yellow says it's for "making friends" .

And that means both parents and kids might be easily fooled into thinking this app is okay.

And I'm here to tell you, at least for kids under 17, it's not.

Here’s how it works: you download the app from the App Store (there’s also an android version on Google Play).

Then I try to make sure that any potential downsides are either well-explained to my kids (and their friends! Basically, this is an app that is designed to help users “find new friends on Snapchat.” Here’s how the app’s founders describe it: Now, to be fair, Yellow’s App Store age rating is 17 .