Can one ask why the guys are not nice when they make a conscious decision not to date you when you tell them of your son and the extra responsibilities that requires of you when they are looking for a new prospective dating partner? I raised 2 daughters who were very competitive in sports where both received scholarship offers.

As we lived outside the main centres it required significant time commitments to assist in their endeavours.

This particular door is closed to many lone parents.

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It is a challege taking care of and raising a child with disabilities.

It is also a challenge trying to date, the men I have met wanted to run when they found out the responsibility I have.

Thanks Hi all, ive been single for over four years now and im really getting to the point that i want to start a new relationship, i have a six year old son with sever autism and no help, im lucky if i get to go out once every six months, so trying to meet a new man is rather hard, my sons dad has no contact with him so its not like i can ask him to look after him for me so i can go out, i get 4 hours a week respite care so again its hard to meet someone new in four hours.

Thanks Hi Stacey, It's difficult dating when you're on your own with little support, isn't it?

I love her very much but it makes me sad when she gets frustrated with herself because she is now aware of her limits.

I also am very frustrated with daycares that say they can take her then a few months later tell me I have to find a new daycare , I m not sure with anyone else but daycare has been my biggest struggle.

I have met a couple of people on line but when they realise i cant go out at the drop of a hat or that i have a disabled child they run a mile, really dont want to meet anyone on-line, there are to many factors to think of my son being the main one, none of my friends have single friends at the moment and i just feel like im going to be very old and lonely (im 32) life is passing me by and im dreading another xmas and new year on my own.

I was just wondering if anyone has any advice and that are in the same sort of situation that i am.

There are lots of netmummies and daddies who post on here with these concerns.