It’s unclear how many people she was able to con by using misleading online profiles.

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Court runners have the experience to dig through the files and retrieve the public record you seek without any trouble.

Based in Miami, the customer service team answers questions about the background report, subscription services, or general public information. on weekends.” Any Been Verified subscriber with questions or concerns can talk to a real person trained to walk customers through the process. “We’re trying to build a real company with faces that people know. “We’ve been recognized for our great customer service.” In its background report, Been Verified offers clear explanations of public records so they’re not confusing to the layman.

Digitized public records make a background search easy and accessible to everyone.

“We try to give someone a complete look at a person, a property, or a phone number,” Justin said.

A New Jerseyan born and raised, Josh Levy is the CEO of Been Verified.

Alongside Co-Founder Ross Cohen, he built an online platform where people can look up any name, address, email, or phone number that seems suspect.

A little information can help singles feel less vulnerable to con artists on the web.

Been Verified’s background checks protect people from the dangers of strangers.

We have the ability to go from a lot of different data providers to have a complete record.” Gone are the days of driving yourself down to the courthouse to wait in lines and fill out paperwork for a criminal record that may not even be there.