This platform also goes above and beyond a simple online search.

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We have the ability to go from a lot of different data providers to have a complete record.” Gone are the days of driving yourself down to the courthouse to wait in lines and fill out paperwork for a criminal record that may not even be there.

Been Verified saves you the time and trouble with a simple online search.

“We’ve really built the data infrastructure,” Justin told us.

“We’re not just dependent on one data source like some of our competitors are.

The Short Version: Before you go on a date with someone you met online, you should know a little bit about them — like if they’ve been arrested or own a gun.

To help singles stay safe, Been Verified runs a complete background check that allows them to search online for individual names, phone numbers, email addresses, or property addresses.

The pair set the tone for the company’s casual yet diligent approach.

Been Verified’s office has the feel of a typical startup company: employees wear jeans to work, grab a beer from the company fridge, blow off steam in a fully-stocked game room, and gather for weekly collaborations on the company’s progress.

If certain records require some legwork to get ahold of, Been Verified lets you send a live court runner to your selected county courthouses to obtain the files or records compiled within the past seven years on any individual.

Court runners can obtain important police and court record details such as: The service saves customers the time, energy, and hassle of going to the courthouse to track down a particular record.

This site offers easy access to public information for an affordable subscription fee.