Unlike other sugar daddy websites, Sugar Daddie does charge a membership fee for women, but this is worth it since serious sugar daddies can rest assured that the sugar babies on the site are serious enough about finding a quality sugar daddy to pay for access to the best.

Our guess is that the fact that Sugar Daddie charges both parties draws more quality sugar daddies to the site.

It all started two years ago when my bulldog, Hemingway, got sick.

If your photos are too trashy, you’ll be treated like a prostitute. Unlike I did, avoid domesticity and limit dates to two or three nights a week.

When you find a potential match, pick a swank restaurant so you know he really has money. Not only is this more manageable, but your unavailability keeps him interested.

For a less seedy option, try searching OKCupid by salary. These guys are good at making money, not having a girlfriend.

Determine your boundaries (I wasn’t comfortable meeting men that were married or over 50, for example), then snap a few suggestive selfies. So take advantage of that and just enjoy the exciting experiences (he’s paying for) together — be it on Broadway or in Bali.

Another reason we love Sugar Daddie is for the action.

It’s no secret that the sugar daddy-to-sugar baby ratio is skewed in favor of the sugar daddy on most websites, but Sugar Daddie, we received tons of responses daily.

And here they are - the top 3 best sites to find a sugar daddy.

They're in no particular order and each has its own merits.

Perhaps because of this, all the sugar daddies we met on this site were established, well-educated, and had impressive professional credentials.

There’s also a very good variety of men on this site.

Text him photos of stylish parties stolen from Instagram while you watch Girls and eat rice pudding alone, on your period.