Or, if in the past your care needs have prevented you from joining in activities outside the home, but this is something you want to do, this must be part of the assessment and care plan process.

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They need to know how many care outcomes you are unable to achieve to work out whether you are eligible for support.

The Care Act 2014 imposed a general duty on local authorities to fully consider a person’s wellbeing when assessing and providing care and support services.

Even if nothing has changed, the local authority must review it regularly, usually once a year.

If you move outside your local area, both local authorities must work together to make sure that you will still receive the support you need in your new home.

A full assessment will take place as soon as possible to make sure the right support is in place.

A care specialist will carry out the assessment on behalf of the local authority or NHS.

After your care needs assessment, your local authority or trust will decide what care services it can provide or arrange for you, or that you can organise yourself through a direct payment from the local authority.

This decision is made by comparing your care needs with a set of nationally agreed criteria which all local authorities must use.

If you care for someone, you’re also entitled to a carer’s assessment.