They are said to have been under the control of three of their half-brothers for the past 14 years, a supposed punishment for racy lifestyles and criticism of the royal family.

Others among the king’s daughters have had successful careers and even championed human rights, so why these four were singled out is something of a mystery.

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The death is said to have come after weeks of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of the prince.

Finally, on Valentine’s Day, in a rage fueled by champagne and “sex on the beach” cocktails, Mr.

In 2009, Prince Faisal al Thunayan held an underground Halloween party at his residence, inviting over 150 young Saudi men and women.

Prince Faisal is a Cadet prince, meaning that he is not in line for the throne but still enjoys all the protection and perks of being a member of the royal family.

The Saudis responded by trying to suppress the film, and they failed.

They retaliated by expelling the British ambassador to Riyadh, withdrawing 400 Saudi royals from Britain, and causing the UK £200 million in lost revenue from canceled orders and product boycotts.

The event, co-sponsored by US energy drink company Kizz-me, featured dancing, costumes, and a DJ.

The American consulate officials attending the event heard by word of mouth that many of the female guests were actually prostitutes hired for the event and also that cocaine and hashish use is common at these kind of parties.

She was kidnapped from the house, left in the desert, then thrown in Olaysha’s Women’s Jail, Riyadh.