Lisa is also great at balancing out her personable nature with some tough-love advice, which she said gets her clients the results they want. I tell people the truth about their profiles, and I tell them the truth about their prospects and what sites they should be on,” she said.

“Sometimes that’s not always easy, but I think people appreciate my candor.” One of the traits we admire most about Lisa is that she makes the effort to work with singles of varying ages (20 to 72 ), locations (from the U. to Singapore), and sexual orientations (heterosexual and LGBTQ).

Lisa will handle the rest with valuable services like: On a case-by-case basis, Lisa will also help clients craft messages that have been proven to get more responses.

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You hear these people saying, ‘You have to compromise.’ That’s a lie, to me. Eighty-five percent of what you want is not good, not good enough. “So, there’s a fourth ‘H’ after head, heart, and hoo-ha,” says Zander.

You should be able to find someone you like, you love, you respect, and you want to have sex with.”Okay.

"I’ve helped people find the crazy love of their life. "If you look at what’s happening in our culture right now, the biggest thing I want to eradicate is lying. And you also want to give people context—show them your community, your friends."I tell Zander I can’t show my friends in a dating app, because they’re all hotter than me.

But I look at it like this: Who doesn’t want a million dollars? Who’s willing to put in the work to make millions of dollars? I think the number of people willing to put in the work to find their soul mate is around the same range. The dude would automatically start sweating them instead.

From the content to the photos, Lisa adapts her profile makeovers for every client and their individual needs.

All she needs from them is the name of the dating site they’re using as well as access to their personal photos and current profile.

“I spend a lot of time doing in-depth interviews and getting to know specific details that help me create a profile that feels authentic to my client.

If I’ve gotten to know someone, then I’m able to echo their style,” she said.

But I’m also literally "un-dateable" so what the hell, let’s go."I pray you’re just trying to get laid," says Lauren Handel Zander.

"I think people do a lot of damage thinking they have to be with someone else.""Well, I do believe in finding your soul mate," Zander answers. But she’s talking about scary stuff, like love and commitment, so I hold my breath as she continues. Tear it down."Okay, but isn’t it desperate/psycho to say, "What’s desperate is lying to yourself, and to others," Zander says. And you shouldn’t create fake news for yourself, or what you want in a partner." Fair enough."You can have one sexy picture," says Zander, "but I’d rather see happy pictures where you’re honestly somewhere that’s meaningful to you.

You might want to consider taking a more or less demure shot, depending on what kind of relationship you’re looking for.