I sat up thinking "this sucks, I'm dunk, horny, and can't sleep." This is when I noticed that the t-shirt mom was wearing had ridden up to her chest and she was laying there exposed from the chest down.

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my firstborn & son Jack is the sweetest, most generous, most caring, most creative & the smartest boy i know .

his smile lights up a room, his love for others is inspiring, his sharing attitude is contagious. here’s a list of 20 things we love to do together and hopefully they offer some fresh ideas for you too!

I realized when we hugged the other day that I found her to be attractive because I started to get a semi hard on.

I was embarrassed but don't think she noticed it, but paranoia crept in and that's why it felt awkward to me.

I gently moved her arm, then her leg, and pushed her over a little.

She never even flinched just kept sleeping and went back to snoring as she laid on her back.

Since that moment I've continued to think about her and how attractive I thought she was.

We finally arrived at the casino and mom checked us in and we headed to the room.

When I got home, mom had a cake for me which she has done for the past 21 years. Then she broke the silence and said "ok, let's have cake." Friday finally came, and we were on our way to the casino.