When I got home, mom had a cake for me which she has done for the past 21 years. Then she broke the silence and said "ok, let's have cake." Friday finally came, and we were on our way to the casino.

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This weekend is about having fun and all about you." "What about you mom? I'm sorry you had to sacrifice so much for me your whole life." "Sweetheart, trust me I'm going to have a good time and don't ever feel sorry for me.

I've had a great life." Mom is 46 years old and until recently never thought about if she was attractive or not.

So, I've been raised by mom my whole life and I should say that she sacrificed everything for me.

She has worked and been single for as long as I can remember and has never complained.

Get ready and let's go have some fun." Mom and I went down to the casino to play the slots.

Then mom asked "should we head to the bar, so you can have your first legal drink?

I realized when we hugged the other day that I found her to be attractive because I started to get a semi hard on.

I was embarrassed but don't think she noticed it, but paranoia crept in and that's why it felt awkward to me.

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