The women acknowledged perhaps taking the program too seriously, as the dancers considered it vacation time, Alissa and Zeeva both told JTA.

In addition to answering the phone — when she excitedly shared her story — she occasionally staffs Israel trips.

And when she does, she always makes sure to play that same ice breaker.

They even participated in the same gymnastics program in middle school.

During their semester abroad, they attended an acrobatics convention together — the only non-dancers there.

(JTA) — In the two-part finale of the third season of “Broad City,” the show’s main characters, Abbi and Ilana, embark on a “Birthmark” trip — a thinly veiled allusion to the famed Birthright Israel trip that sends Jews aged 18 to 26 on free 10-day trips to Israel.

Upon boarding the “El Ol” plane, the best friends are assigned seats next to guys based on their “match potential.” It’s hilarious — partially because it hits so close to home.

Daniel Behrman, 32, and Jenna Kruger, 31 Daniel and Jenna met at a weekend conference in Jerusalem through their Masa internship programs.

When they saw each other at the same lectures, they thought it was just coincidence.

But by the time she sat back down in the group circle, Arielle was disappointed that she couldn’t find the person who played an instrument.