Since Shakespeare’s time, farcical romances featuring classic tropes like mistaken identity, love at first sight and couples breaking through society’s class barriers have long been a favorite staple of theatergoers.

The Rise of Matchmakers and Other Dating Experts Victorian-era “calling” was specifically structured towards the goal of marriage, but dating triggered a cultural shift in socializing between the sexes that didn’t necessarily lead American couples down the aisle.

Dating’s social dominance provided plenty of new opportunities for marriage brokers and matchmakers.

Gentlemen were to first ascertain a lady’s interest publicly (via a marriage broker or group social gathering), ask her parents for permission to “call” on her at a particular time and then enjoy a series of formal, chaperoned visits lasting no more than 15 minutes.

(Should the lady in question be indisposed, personalized “calling cards” were left as a sign of intent.) If the woman’s family was sufficiently impressed, courting would progress until the man formally asked for her hand in marriage.

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