I also found myself waking up several times due to sweats, but it was only Day Two.

I gave the “Relaxing Color” audio ago again the next day and experienced better results.

All of them make pretty bold claims to “cure insomnia” and improve sleep quality within a week or two. Many had very spammy-looking websites, and it appeared that many weren’t developed (nor conducted) by a clinical hypnotherapist.

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You and your work are helping me using my time in a very effective way.

You have all my gratitude for all the help you and your work bring to my healing process.

But I’ve been hearing more and more anecdotally from friends that when they prioritized sleep, they saw a noticeable difference in their energy levels and focus–even more so than eating a better diet and exercising.

And I can’t ignore the research-backed evidence that indicates a small level of sleep deprivation can affect your cognitive performance.

But I wanted to start with a small habit that I could maintain.

I didn’t want to experiment with an elaborate bedtime routine I would never maintain.

I opted for the “Relaxing Color” meditation this time.

The audio instructed me to choose a color that embodied relaxation, then picture it enveloping my body (all between repetitive instructions to “let go”).

The company behind the app states that its hypnosis is “read by a certified clinical hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor.” That sounded better than most.