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I aimed for p.m., but ended up under the covers at p.m.

There were two options for the “type” of hypnosis I could listen to: “Tension Release” induction or “Relaxing Color.” I also had a choice of background music or natural sounds.

But I struggled to focus, and found myself impatiently waiting for the hypnosis to finish so I could actually try to fall asleep.

I stayed fully awake during the hypnosis this time, and didn’t fall asleep until an hour later (according to the tracker on Sleep Cycle).

If you think it is impossible to have your crush smiling and talking to you, looking genuinely interested in what you have to say, you are dead wrong.

You have the ability to take a relationship with an available person to the next level without them finding out that you are actually the negative thing that you believe yourself to be.

I enjoy my job, but I still get Sunday-night anxieties about being able to get all my work done in the week ahead.

Sleep Well’s hypnosis was 21 minutes long, so I had to force myself to be in bed 21 minutes earlier.

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