I've been using it in my own, highly customized code editor for a couple of years now and it hasn't failed or crashed on me yet, so I think it's quite safe.

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The parser class can be either A list of glob-style patterns that should be excluded when looking for source files.

[1] They are matched against the source file names relative to the source directory, using slashes as directory separators on all platforms. This instance is then used to render HTML documents, and possibly the output of other builders (currently the changes builder).

Important points to note: If given, a dictionary of parser classes for different source suffices.

The keys are the suffix, the values can be either a class or a string giving a fully-qualified name of a parser class.

Since Open Search doesn’t support relative URLs for its search page location, the value of this option must be the base URL from which these documents are served (without trailing slash), e.g.

MA Datori ir uzņēmums ar vienu no senākajām datoru ražošanas tradīcijām Latvijā.

If you ever wonder how to write a Custom Control this example program will get you started. ASM - PDQ replacement for BASIC's B$FMSF routine by Ethan Winer using code derived from Cobb's Inside Assembler newsletter (after fixing the code to handle zero properly! Einfach zum Ausprobieren und als Anregung für weitere "Entdeckungen".

----------------------------------------------- by Josef Kirschbaum EDM32. INC, PB/DLL custom editor control, written by Borje Hagsten.

Resource file also includes "Version Control" information.