[email protected] Westminster Mendez Memorial will be a celebration of this monumental achievement for all to enjoy.

It will serve as a gathering place for all a races, ages, creeds to come together in remembrance of this historical event, reminding s all that no dream is too small and the future s what you make it.

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I saw your comment on your books, and thank you for mentioning me as a friend in this commentary.......nice ......thank you Joe, and then again I saw the four photos of you and your friends as you served in Nam...getting his haircut and of your friends who you served with......couldn't watch anymore, too tired, but what a precise compilation of Spanish history.......... Westminster School District desegregation landmark case. This WWII case involved five Latino families fighting against 4 school districts on behalf of 5,000 children who were being denied access to equal education and opportunity by being segregated to inferior schools and demeaned social status.

I was not aware of the wonderful contributions made over the years by persons of Spanish heritage..........with you soon my friend....... Mendez helped pave the way to the Supreme Court case Brown v. I am pretty shocked that Westminster still hasnt created a memorial for [the Mendez family], Obed Silva, an English professor at Cypress College told the City Council on April 26.

Folks who buy a RAM bracelet will get one for themselves along with a second bracelet and a card to GIVE TO SOMEONE they catch doing a Random Act of Mendez which is defined as an act of Peace, Equity Education, Act of Kindness, Courage or Excellent Community Engagement.

So every day, when you come home from Target and youre putting away all of your goodies, remember: Everyone made that happen - from the folks in the parking lot all the way to the cashier who checked you out.

Silva noted the Santa Ana School District has named an intermediate school after the Mendez family, and the Los Angeles Unified School District has dedicated a high school in Boyle Heights.

Westminster has a more recent history of discrimination against Latinos.

In searching for Maria Teresa Lozano married to Jose Cayetano Escamilla (Escamilla being the line I was following) I came across the article you wrote in 2005 on your Lozano line and noticed that our genealogical lines cross with the very prolific Andres Lozano and Antonia de Gongora. Mimi Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Roberto Calderon, Ph, D. Its part of a city plan to create bike trail and green space for residents.

I was really surprised that the past City Council or Westminster schools did not come up with any ideas to honor the family properly, Mayor Tri Ta said. The case began when five Mexican-American fathers challenged the practice of barring Mexican-American children from attending public schools with whites.

It was a time when restaurants posted signs like No Dogs and No Mexicans Allowed.