Unless you enjoy a 25 page discussion of what exactly qualifies as flirting, this isn't the book for you.I rarely give one star reviews, but this one deserves that rating.It offers fascinating philosophical explorations of topics such as: The vicissitudes of dating and mating are explored from a number of perspectives, all of which will help demystify coupling in the twenty-first century for those young daters just entering the fray, and those veterans returning to the game.

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I would urge any reader not to sour on philosophy books because this one is so bad.

Don't panic guys (that was you panicking wasn't it?

Bad grammar and spelling are also seen as a turn off.

The dating experts said most people don’t like text talk and want the person texting them to be clear in what they are saying.

Again, obvious, but who here hasn't needed reminding of that in the past?

The authors of ‘Modern Romance’, Aziz Ansari and Dr Eric Klinenberg, said just saying hi or hey makes you seem lazy.

As can be noted, this is especially common in long-running series that still keeps a fairly regular cast. Named after the Do-si-do, a figure in several dances that involve the dancers switching partners.

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They're a bit obvious and basic, but we realised that we've all been guilty of a few of these.

So here's a referesher on how to maintain your dignity and keep your cool when you're in that weird Whatsapp Roulette post date zone with someone you rilly, rilly like. Dr Nerdlove said that if you leave it too late to text someone, they may forget about you or just think you’re not interested.

So forget about all those stupid two-day waiting rules. Ask them about going to a certain restaurant on a certain night.