It offers fascinating philosophical explorations of topics such as: The vicissitudes of dating and mating are explored from a number of perspectives, all of which will help demystify coupling in the twenty-first century for those young daters just entering the fray, and those veterans returning to the game.

I know what the reader of this review will think: the title is hyperbole.

) dating experts Patrick King and columnist ‘Dr Nerdlove’ have revealed their golden rule: know when to stop.

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Cognitive scientist and public intellectual Steven Pinker urges us to step back from the gory headlines and prophecies of doom, and instead, follow the data: In seventy-five jaw-dropping graphs, Pinker shows that life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the rise.

A booming dating industry is catering to an ever-increasing number of single adults in the twenty-first century, with the market for a mate now pulling in more than a billion dollars a year in the United States.

This also means not using full stops, which can make your text seem “insincere”.

But then exclamation marks are seen as too over the top. You know what, just try to spell right and speak nice, and you'll be fine.

Again, obvious, but who here hasn't needed reminding of that in the past?

The authors of ‘Modern Romance’, Aziz Ansari and Dr Eric Klinenberg, said just saying hi or hey makes you seem lazy.

Usually it seems to be done to avoid introducing new characters.

Unlike a Love Dodecahedron, a series that enjoys this dance does not necessarily have any of the couples being in competition with each other.

I would urge any reader not to sour on philosophy books because this one is so bad.