Us Weekly sat down with the Team USA athlete and discovered he’d definitely be game for a stint on Dancing With the Stars. Well, if you’re Tiffany Haddish, you get a bunch of reporters together on the red carpet and ask for their opinion. Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated the birthday of ex-husband Chris Martin in an Instagram post on Friday, March 2 — and she once again referred to him as her sibling. Carrie Underwood dropped her first music video just five months after she suffered multiple injuries due to an accident outside her home.

Here's how it'll go: I'll present you with one of Di Caprio's early twink roles and one of his later twunk roles, and we'll keep moving the goalposts narrower and narrower until we can pinpoint the exact year "the change" happened.

We'll begin on the early side with dewy Leo in 1997's Titanic, where he's still so strikingly lithe that when the film was rereleased recently in 3-D, his co-star Kate Winslet delighted in telling the press, "You know, he’s fatter now — I’m thinner." (Real talk, Katey W.) On the opposite side of the spectrum, we've got Leo in 2011's J.

Eventually, those Tiger Beat looks seemed like more of a curse than a blessing — you had to wonder whether Di Caprio's appearance would ever catch up to his increasingly mature taste in projects — but somewhere along the line, the spell was apparently broken: Early on in The Wolf of Wall Street, when Di Caprio's wannabe stockbroker mentions that he's just 22 years old, I actually found myself unable to buy it.

(Did you ever think you'd see the day when Leonardo Di Caprio couldn't play 22 convincingly?

(Sorry, had to.) Let's narrow our focus a bit: On the left, we've got spaghetti-limbed Leo in 2000's The Beach, while on the right, we've got adult Leo ten years later in Inception.

Leo's Beach role came out three years after Titanic, but if anything, he looked even younger in this film, his shirtless scenes serving up cupcake rather than beefcake.

Didn't it seem for a while like Leonardo Di Caprio might never grow up?

The actor will turn 40 this year, but for most of his career, Di Caprio looked not just youthful but positively teenaged: In films like 2004's The Aviator, where the actor had to be aged up to play Howard Hughes as a bearded, fortysomething recluse, Di Caprio still looked for all the world like a baby-faced freshman spirit-gumming a fake beard onto his cheeks for the big high-school play.

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