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dating damascus sewing machine-45

One of the more common "help" calls on Treadle On is from new White owners who can't get their machine to stitch because they are trying to make it turn the same direction as a Singer.

White owned their own forests and operated their own cabinet factories, rather than contracting this out.

He was a bit of a wastrel, and was in serious danger of losing the family fortune.

While traveling in America, he noticed a White sewing machine.

These were introduced in 1928 and were all electrics.

You can substitute an earlier FR handwheel and put them in a treadle.

FR serial numbers were used on badge machines as well as those labeled "White".

FR 140336 pre-1900FR 2294605 1913 FR 2230955 1913 FR 2339124 1914 3 FR 2339124 1914 - per White, the "3" in front of the FR has no significance as to date FR 2567602 1917 FR 2636433 1917 FR 2611632 1917 FR 2637707 1917 FR 2793214 1918 FR 2865473 1920 FR 7155341 1921 FLORENCE ROTARY FR 7156168 1921 FLORENCE ROTARY FR 7157866 1921 FLORENCE ROTARY FR 75156168 1921 DOMESTIC ROTARY FR 29533555 1922White offered some FR's with cast in decoration, rather than decals.

Thank you, Linda at Relics Authorized reproduction of the users / instruction manual for the Damascus, vibrating shuttle, sewing machine, with its attachments.