A regional dessert will be shared along with Birds & Beans coffee.Mug Favors custom and personalized for all events such as promotional giveaways, wholesaling, personal use, wedding Compare Owner Holiday Rentals Advice for Owners of Vacation Villas and Apartments Your guide to choosing the best vacation and holiday owner rentals websites for advertising your owner rental property or booking your holiday.In the twentieth century, a falling birthrate and emigration led to very low population growth.

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Beyond the Arctic Circle, forests give way to barren fells, extensive bogs, rugged mountains, and the large rivers of Lapland.

Continental weather systems produce harsh cold winters that last up to seven months in the interior eastern and northern districts, yet long summer days permit farming far to the north.

The climate in the south and west is moderated by the waters of the Gulf Stream and north Atlantic drift current. In 1997, the population was about 5,147,000 people, of whom 93 percent were ethnically and linguistically Finns.

High mortality from wars and famine dampened population growth between the sixteenth and late nineteenth centuries.

Although Finnish was established as a written language as early as the sixteenth century, its official status in Finland did not become equivalent to that of Swedish until after the Language Ordinance of 1863.

Finnish is a euphonious language with many Germanic and Slavic loan words. About 1.5 million saunas are significant visual architectural symbols, especially in the rural landscape.

Finns constitute the majority of the citizens of the Republic of Finland, which has a Swedish-speaking minority as well as Saami (Lapp) and Rom (Gypsy) minorities.

While language was a highly divisive issue as late as the 1920s and 1930s, many Finnish speakers now recognize the value of Swedish for communicating with other Nordic countries.

About a sixth of the population lives in the Helsinki metropolitan area along the south-central coast in the province of Uusimaa.

Helsinki became the capital in 1812 under Russian control, replacing the role Turku had served during Swedish domination.

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