Don’t let your partner get news about you from social media like your online friends.Tell the news to your partner first, and then post online.28.

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Talk about serious issues that are volatile face to face.25.

When your partner offends you or you two aggravate each other, never refuse to pick up your partner’s phone call. Keep the line of communication open so that you work things out.

Marriage indeed makes two become one, and as such gives you the right to know whatever thing your partner is up against.

But no one said you should throw away your manners out the window.

'At the end of the meal it was acceptable to eat the gravy soaked bread.

This was the only time in history that bread and gravy were acceptable in polite society.' Fish cutlery came about with the Victorians, who invented stainless steel (the steel used in table knives previously had reacted badly with the oil in fish).

Don’t make a habit of walking away from your partner to answer phone calls.

Your partner will perceive you are hiding something or having an affair. Unless it’s an emergency, when you can’t reach your partner and you probably know he/she is at work or doing something; don’t keep calling and texting desperately.

If you can’t talk at the moment you are hurting, just pick up the call and say “I can’t talk right now” and your partner will understand.26.