We all have our preferences, and they're often established in a split second.

Online dating—and all the apps that go along with it—really just takes this essential truth and translates it into an action as simple as swiping left or right. (I cofounded Tinder in 2012, and I'm now the founder and CEO of a new dating app, Bumble, so I've got a few secrets up my sleeve.) Here are five insider tricks to help you get that guy of your dreams.__Dating Hack #1: Focus on Your Personality __A pretty face is great, but leading with the surface won't get you a deep connection.

Whether you think that's good or bad, the truth is that the new world of online dating fosters instant judgment, and it can be easy to end up overlooked in a sea of eye-catching options. When you have only a few seconds to catch someone's attention, you need to show off a bit of you are, not just what you look like.

An expansive 42x optical zoom lens offers a 24-1008mm equivalent focal length range, covering wide-angle to super telephoto perspectives.

This extensive reach is complemented by a versatile Intelligent IS image stabilization system that minimizes the appearance of camera shake for both stills and video shooting: Stills: I love my new camera.

I purchased the bundle which came with a camera bag and a 16 GB Ultra SD card. Why, Because they are the best people I have ever found if a problem should arise.

The lens cap attaches to the camera body lanyard style - and there is also a wrist lanyard. We purchase and use Canon cameras both for personal and work uses. Replaced previous Canon Power Shot camera where the battery compartment leaked and made the camera un-repairable. Photos unremarkable compared to good smart phone lenses. Right out of the box Christmas morning she was taking pictures.

Examples:• If you love to ski, surf, ride horses, or hike, then show a photo of yourself being active and adventurous.• If you're passionate about music or concerts, include a photo of you at Coachella rocking out with your friends (but make sure it's cropped in or focused on you).

Dating Hack #2: Message Him First Think men still want to be the first to reach out? Not only is it flattering to a man to hear from you first, it's also empowering, confidence-building (for both of you), sexy, and cool.

The only complaint I have is I wish it had a microphone jack for shooting video using an external microphone but that's not a feature most people would miss in this price range. At 20 megapixels this camera was the obvious choice for a non-photographer like myself.

It has enough settings that my husband can do close-up shots and I can photograph my art.

You could simply send him the bee emoji he seems so fond of, or you could ask about his two years abroad.