Now at us o'clock in the night and now my working day it is finished.

Probably this name now speaks nothing to you, but I am sure, that it would be pleasant to you. I already wrote to you that I like to sing to dance and listen music and basically my hobby consists in it.

Probably it is old-fashioned a little, but I like to collect old musical a plate. Executors different - a lot of Russian and as foreign singers.

But if it is not convenient for you, can write to me on Dutch because I always can easily use the translator.

So you decide in what language will write to me, ok.

Should admit to you, that I actually was very glad to see your answer and even on my person the smile has now appeared. You probably now think, what I any chief or the private businessman? I work as the simple insurance agent in branch of insurance company "Nasta." I could write now to you about my work, but I think, that it will be better, if I another time in the letter to write to you about it, ok more in detail.

Thanks you for your fast reply and I hope, that in future our correspondence you will try as soon to answer me. Now I would like to admit to you something to not confuse you.I know, that on it would be much better to learn each other through a chat, but unfortunately I cannot.I hope it on upsets you and it on will force you to lose interest in me. This site is relatively popular among users in the cities of Almería (where it is ranked 1,120 and San Francisco (#5,589.Approximately 48% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only.I would not tell, that I his idol, but his some songs actually liked me.