He cut out red meat and eats only poultry, fish and more vegetables. Commins says using bug repellents and other avoidance measures are the best way to protect from tick bites and other potential issues from insect-borne disease.

It Bites may also be described as a band as heavily influenced by pop as it is by progressive rock.

Oculus, Xiaomi, and Qualcomm have announced a collaboration for the production of their mobile VR headsets.

The band have historically incorporated and quoted from a wide variety of additional styles including jazz fusion, sea shanty, soul, children's songs, reggae, go-go, classical, music hall, and swing.

Cited influences included progressive rock bands such as Genesis, Yes and UK, but also soul musicians such as Steve Arrington and songwriters such as Joni Mitchell.

Sister, Kim, has been seen wearing his designs in the past too.

You can't buy this dress just yet, but click on the right to see the current collection from Alexander Wang, or take a look at some alternatives below.

I had a lot of contact with Oculus support, but they didn’t seem to find a solution for the tracking issues. One of the problems was caused by placing the sensors on different heights.

If one of the three or four sensors is higher than […] Everyone agrees that a virtual reality headset is an expensive piece of technology.

Commins says a simple blood test or intradermal skin test can detect the allergy.

Charles says he thinks doctors have become more aware of the issue.

The show marked the 10th anniversary of Wang's label, and he celebrated by reissuing classic designs.