The first interactions with the virtual men I approach in the street are awkward at best.The limited answers I was prompted to give to their questions didn't go down well - my avatar did not have the gift of the gab; either coming on too strongly ("Wow, I sure hope all men in this town are as friendly as you! But the more conversations I held, the more nuanced and varied the interactions became.We wanted to bring affordable training to the masses." So what sort of training can I expect and how can I test out what I've learned?

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Flirt Planet revolves around the idea you're an alien lifeform in the shape of a human of your specified gender sent to earth to interact with humans.

The warmer the reception you receive, the more points you receive.

The game was an enjoyable reminder that we can all stand to learn a bit more about how to converse with others on a variety of levels, not just flirting.

I'm not sure I'll be convincing anyone to fall head-over-heels with me due to my new-found appreciation of the complexities of conversation, but knowledge is, as they say, power, and when it comes to flirting, perhaps we could all use a bit of help.

The problem is that men are viewing women through the prism of the male experience: the goal of getting sex as quickly as possible, as easily as possible.

Johnny Pick-Up Line with the over-greased hair and the Affliction tee may be ready and eager to be the droid she’s looking for, but the fact that he’s willing to bang Yet the same men who complain the loudest about being involuntarily celibate are quick to say that they have an “attraction floor.” “I would rather go without than have sex with a woman below a 5.” I’ve even seen men admit here at HUS that they have no interest in sex with a woman who is about as attractive as they are, because that “doesn’t get the dick hard.” The Myth: Women only want alpha who get laid are alpha males with lantern jaws and six-pack abs.

"Dating sites will ask: how generous are you on a scale of one to five - are you Father Christmas or are you Scrooge? “In psychology, neuroscience developed implicit personality tests, in which you see stimuli on a screen and your brain’s reaction time is measured and through that we can associate certain traits, accurately and within a few minutes.

Who’s going to owe up to being Scrooge on a dating site? This is what we match people through." But before I can test out my new-found skills on an unwilling victim, I've got to actually acquire some.

1) The indirect approach "This involves throwing in little attraction triggers into conversation via an indirect approach, such as approaching someone you like the look of and saying something like “Hey, I’m new to this area of town, I really like Italian food, is there somewhere you can recommend?

”, so you end up having a conversation that isn’t going to be about what it may seem. A trigger could be 'I love cooking, actually,' and that usually gets girls thinking 'Ooh, he’s marriage material'." 2) Push and pull - keep 'em keen "This is about showing interest and then taking it away to keep them interested. Basically playing poker." 3) Don't forget to follow up “Once you’ve met someone or gone on a date, you must follow up.

Further i Phone and Android versions will be coming soon The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.