I even started to think I was allergic to him; the reaction was that strong.

I began to think that I had never really known the meaning of “chemistry” until him, because with him there was a complete and utter chemical reaction.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something…”, and I meant it. I think this set the tone for our “dealings” with one another.

My men are sweating in their black tie attire, nervously awaiting my decision. Like a mother asked to choose between two children, I feel that I love them both. I’ve Only Has A Year of Being Single My Whole Life over here LOVES them, but I also love being able to do what I want with no excuses. I think my exact words were something like, “you have…something. Adorable right away that I was “NOT getting in to a relationship with anyone unless I was going to marry them”.

I have taken to imagining myself standing in a pompously furnished living room; two men stand before me in tuxedos as I struggle in vain to decide between them. We decided not to make a big deal out of it, or any deal at all.

I have long since cast off the other contestants such as The Brit, who was a casualty of my meeting Mr. So, while we kept each other as each other’s “number one”, the unspoken truth was that we were both still dating other people.

The soon-to-be-ex began calling incessantly, showing up at his front door, leaving notes, and eventually threatened suicide.

Undoubtedly, it put a strain on things, and at some point I started regretting leaving “true love” Paul, and because I felt so close to MJ, I told him so.No, not the one gloved wonder, but the short, hairy, little Russian from Michigan. His mother claims it’s a coincidence, but I’m thinking she might just be loony. The problem is, we can’t seem to just do the damn thing.Immediately after the end of my five-year relationship with True-Love-Paul, I found myself in the arms of this much lesser known Michael, and to clarify any confusion, yes, his name is really Michael Jackson. So, back to MJ…when we were together, we must have looked like one of “those” couples. A tall, leggy blonde snuggling up to what looks like her nerdy high school math tutor, and you think, “How in the hell did they end up together? Three years ago, as I fled from my life with another, he was going through a terrible divorce after finding his wife in the arms of her first serious high school boyfriend.You settle on to the couch knowing nothing of your new purchase save the title. You find yourself returning to it often, and before the end of the week, your telling your friends they just good.Several days later, you’re back at your local bookshop. He’s found the cover to your nondescript book purchase from the week before!What I didn’t realize at the time, was that the feelings of regret in regards to Paul would pass, but I could never take back what I told Michael.