Work was going well and I found that my post-Luke-break-up life in L. was quickly becoming, if not the best time of my life, at least the busiest. Weekends could consist of a date, or two, or three…just me enjoying what my new city had to offer, or a trip back to my lovely San Diego to visit friends. I joked with him about my internet dates; he thought it was weird that I liked hearing about the drama that was his ex.

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Of course I look astonishing in an Oscar worthy couture gown, but that’s beside the point. These three things had never collided before and it’s something I knew I had missed out on given my history as a serial monogamist; not that relationships are a bad thing, obviously Ms. Fast Forward The week after Valentine’s Day I met Mr. In fact, I told him such a thing on our second date.

I was FREE, FREE, FREE and at the same time, a full grown adult with a real job. He was hilarious and sexy; my favorite combination, plus, I love his smell. It was obvious we both thought the other was special.

Now I realize this was the absolute worst timing, but we were both emotionally needy, so Michael and I began a passionate romance.

There is no doubt that MJ and I were using each other; we had even talked about how we get into a serious relationship, because it was simply “too soon” for both of us, so we decided to keep it casual and non-committal, but at the same time we had “something”, and it was something that I cannot adequately explain even to this day. I couldn’t be near him without wanting to be inches away from his face; when we kissed my lips literally went numb.

He gave me an extremely odd little smile when I walked in the door, and something told me right away, “You are totally going to be snuggling with this guy by nights end”. Later, after a day of Mario Kart, Vodka drinks, a brush with the local meth heads and a subsequent brush with the local police, my intuition proved to be correct. I told him we were going to like each other, that I would act the same as I did in a relationship, but that it wouldn’t mean I was a girlfriend. He told me I was being weird and egotistical for making assumptions about how he was going to feel and that he had no expectations. Fast Forward to Present I tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold you so. Imagine you pick up a nondescript book from your local bookshop’s rummage bin.

Of course, had one of the couples not gotten into an engagement ring throwing temporary break-up, we might not have been forced onto the same couch that produced said snuggling. Hard to say what it’s about given its missing cover and therefore lack of summary or critical commentary, but it’s cheap, so why not?The conversation was easy and sassy, but for some reason we weren’t lining up with a meet and greet.The result was that we ended up talking on the phone, at length, at least a half-dozen times before we met.So, doing the same thing I would have done, the in-the-process-of-being-divorced-from wife headed back to familiar territory.The problem, was that I was already snuggling there, and then I became part of a terrible cliche’.You thank him as you grab the cover, but maybe you shouldn’t have. It’s beat up, worn, faded, has bad hair and a big gap between its front teeth, and when your friend calls from the bookstore asking for the title of that book she just to read…you tell her it sucked.