I guess its because people are told guys only want one thing, so when a guy doesnt seem to want it then their must be something wrong.

But its not that he doesnt want it, cbecause he does its just that he wants to wait for the right time.

i like having something to build up or look forward to. Dont worry about weather it is strange or not, only you can live your life, so do what feels best for you. i mean the fools who thing its wrong for people not to have control over their own bodys and what comes out should **** off. I intend to abstain for 3 months, keep meeting men online and hopefully go on some more dates and see what happens. If your too keen your a typical male who only wants sex.

dating an abstinent girl-25

Marriage is a mutually committed relationship with many benefits.

A marriage allows for emotional stability, companionship, love and trust.

Choosing to not have sex while dating allows you to know that the person you are dating is with you for YOU.

They are not just interested in having sex with you. You will never feel used or exploited for choosing not to have sex.

I have enocuntered men who i have thought "woah he is hot this is gonna be BANGIN", & after i was like "meh. With all due respect to people who choose abstinence, i dont think that men & women who enjoy their sexuality are lesser beings. and who says she cant just go to the clinicwhats so wrong. its our **** and our choice, go impose your will on some one else you savage ***holes "YES, FOR ME IT STILL EXIST. Personally i like the way dating used to be where you'd take things slow and get to know each other.

I have not practiced abstinence for a very long time, & enjoy my sensuality & sexuality, & am very, very, very much a real woman. I LIKE TO GET TO KNOW THE PERSON FOR WHO THEY ARE FRIST. WHY HAVE SEX AND THEN YOU FIND OUT YOU DON"T EVEN LIKE THEM. These days i tend to find girls my age expect me to make out with them on the first date and sleep with them within the first week or so.

Sex is a very intimate act and it can complicate a relationship. If you have sex with someone when you are not ready, or because you are pressured into it, you may feel bad.

Friendship and romance cannot work without respect, honesty, trust and caring.

There is a difference between love and sex and it is not necessary to have sex with someone to show them that you love or care about them.

It is not right for someone to make you feel bad or say that you do not love them because you do not want to have sex with them.

Not having to worry about these issues can take a lot of stress off of a relationship.