“I finally get a hold of the lock without looking, opened the door and then I just jet out the car. “She seems as though she’s recovered from her injuries,” said Dana Nessel, president of the Fair Michigan Justice Project.“She had no difficulty speaking, and was lucky the shot didn’t do a great deal more damage.” Following an investigation by Detroit police, Hogan was arrested on Jan. Nessel told the paper it was “very clear” that Hogan “solicited (the victim’s) services because she was a transgender woman,” saying “they discussed specific sex acts that could only be performed on a man or a transgender woman.” “This case highlights the mortal danger faced by transgender individuals in Michigan,” said Fair Michigan’s transgender outreach coordinator Julisa Abad.

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As Haworth tells me, the need for it is aptly demonstrated by the case of Thomas Hall, who attacked four sex workers in the course of a single evening in Manchester in 2013.

This feature was also inspired by location-based dating apps like Tinder and Grindr.

Anecdotally, Haworth found that escorts and “indoor workers” who don’t walk the streets are more likely to use them, partly because “they get bored – there’s lots of waiting around”.

In fact, over the past few years, there has been a rise in technology services marketed specifically to sex workers.

“We wanted to use the same location technology for a very different end,” Haworth tells me.

The app checks incoming numbers with its database of rogue punters, and also features a kind of panic button, which workers can press if they feel unsafe.

Matt Haworth was paying a visit to a sex worker charity in Manchester when a brightly coloured bulletin board in the corner caught his eye.

It was covered with descriptions of bad punters – those who were abusive with sex workers, or didn’t pay up. ” There are around 80,000 sex workers in the UK, and they’re statistically more likely to be attacked or raped at work than most other groups.

Since Michigan law permits employment discrimination against LGBTQ residents, trans people sometimes must resort to sex work in order to survive, which puts them at extreme risk of criminal violence.