Justiniano would later say that she closed the curtain to give the couple some privacy and urged Patti Ann to let Steven feel these stirrings of new life with the side of his face.

And with the Prayer of Saint Francis came a way to become an instrument of peace and feel something other than the hatred and anger sown by the teen gunman.

Steven mouthed more words, words that Judge would later say seemed to be shouted from the mountain top.“I want to forgive him.”On Jan.

The teen had suddenly drawn a gun in the summertime splendor of July 12, 1986, and fired twice, then a third time while standing over Steven after he fell.

Beside the silver shield now on the bed lay the gold detective shield Steven had received as the department kept him on the job.

He also addressed police roll calls, in 1999 speaking where he had last worked, the Central Park Precinct.

“He told rookies and veterans alike, to always think about officer safety,” Jimmy O’Neill, then the precinct commander and now police commissioner, would recall in his eulogy at Steven’s funeral. And Steven did that every, single day of his life.”On many of those days, Steven was accompanied by Father Mychal, who saw in him the confirmation of his personal theology, which held that just as the devil is to be found in evil, God is to be found in good and that by recognizing good in others we strengthen it.

Steven had been a big New York Rangers fan and a delegation from the hockey team had come to the hospital with a jersey that was now spread across his chest.

On top of that was the silver shield he had been carrying as a 29-year-old police officer when he approached a 15-year-old named Shavod Jones.

NYPD Detective Steven Mc Donald was just hours from the hour of his death last Monday when his son, Conor, took his right hand and a family friend took his left.

Conor’s girlfriend, Katie, took Conor’s free hand and that of the friend, completing a circle of love and faith.

”Judge understood him and replied, “The Prayer of Saint Francis.” The prayer continued to resonate in Steven and it was joined by the support of his family, notably of his deeply religious and spiritually stalwart mother, Anita Conway Mc Donald.