I guess all you can do in this boat is to make sure you’re asking the right questions and looking deep enough during the early phases of your relationship.

Even as just friends, you are able to see how committed someone is or isn’t to their faith.

But I guess a question I would put forward here is why is it that those with a different core belief system are more attractive to you than those that share your views?

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I sometimes am involved in interviewing people for IT positions, and there’s a lot of stuff that people say they believe and do, but don’t really have the knowledge or beliefs they say they do on paper.

Sometimes it’s only after spending more time with someone that you find out they don’t actually value their faith as much as they said they did.

When the years start ticking by and no one seems to be asking you out, that’s when the thought comes that maybe you’re wasting your time waiting for someone in the church world.

One of my female friends rightly said that even if dating someone of the same faith as you is a major priority in your life, you can eventually find yourself wearing down on that thought when non-Christian guys seem keen and Christian guys don’t.

Some of the surrounding issues to this one will probably revisited throughout, but this is worth pointing out from the start. Surprisingly I’ve heard this one a few times from all sorts of different people.

There is a perspective out there that Christian guys can sometimes be too sensitive or emotional, and that the NC option just seems a bit more stable. I think there is something though about the Christian faith that kind of necessitates a man to be a bit more sensitive to his emotions and the emotions of those around him, and causes him to sometimes take things on a bit deeper. I can remember a while ago a group of girls at a church event I was involved in were very critical of a particular guy for his levels of sensitivity.

It seems like more and more church-going ladies are looking outside their faith for romance.

Here are some real reasons Christian girls date non-Christian guys. For some, it’s a relatively quick and easy process to find the man or woman you’d love to spend the rest of your life with.

Sometimes people aren’t always what they say they are.

Just look at people’s resumes and Linked In profiles.

And then there’s the question of who you should date.