Anti-discrimination laws, if understood and enforced sanely, are reasonable.

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I've never misbehaved with a waitress, but on those occasions -- in some not completely feminist-drenched part of the country -- when a waitress has given me a little "goodbye" squeeze on the shoulder as she handed me the check, it made me happy for the moment.

I knew perfectly well it wasn't because she fancied me, that it was in quest of a better tip, but still … If male customers at the casino want to be served booze by young hotties, hey, that's life.

(And if practicable, there's no reason female customers shouldn't be attended by equally hot-looking young men.) As to your other point — that more-mature women aren't best served by being made to wear vanishingly small costumes — of course.

But if the management covered up more of their flesh, wouldn't that be insulting and demeaning to them, implying they are less pleasurably viewable than their junior colleagues?

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E-Mail Donald Demographer, recovering sociologist, and arts buff E-Mail Fenster College administrator and arts buff E-Mail Francis Architectural historian and arts buff E-Mail Friedrich Entrepreneur and arts buff E-Mail Michael Media flunky and arts buff Donald Pittenger writes: Dear Blowhards -- Is it okay for a Down Syndrome victim to pilot the airliner you are about to board?You're not bothered if you son's career goal is Axe Murderer?And it's fine if a doctor with really shaky hands is about to perform brain surgery on you?He mentioned how Singapore Airlines only hires attractive women as stewardesses, and when they reach a certain age they are forced out of the stewardess job.They aren't fired, but simply given another job in the airline. Singapore Airlines COACH class is superior to BUSINESS class in any American airline company I've ever flown.So clearly there are limits to personal desire satisfaction in the job market.