But in marriage, it actually is about doing things together.

If a piece of them has already been centered in business, it can definitely be difficult to set their eyes on other important things like marriage.

Businesswomen who married businessmen end up divorced.

However, others marriages were still able to survive the occasional slammed door and stony silence.

The seeds responsible in the broken and damaged relationships have already been there.

The business just made them pop up all throughout the place.

There is a tension as each is demanded to pay attention to their businesses.

Kyle, a reputable businessman, once recognized some instability issues on their marriage.

Relationship status changes with a blink of an eye in the glam world.

Here is another addition to the list of actors and actresses who are in a committed relationship.

The shared traits of self-importance, impatience and bossiness between couples could be so inflicting in a marriage.

They also would want to dominate the relationship established and they both felt so confident and powerful.

This was actually before launching an electronics-based manufacturing company.