The use of square or oblong wooden pins that held in place by the shrinking of the wood was another joinery technique of that time. If you find a piece of furniture that seems to combine several styles, it is most probably not a period piece, but a later reproduction. Are all the parts original, or have there been replacements and repairs? Since wood is an organic material, it shrinks across the grain with age.

Scalloped dovetails can be dated to the 1890s and were only used for a short time. You might think it's a modern material, but the Egyptian Pharaohs used laminated wood in furniture and it was used in England in the 1740s. You may not be able to see this with the naked eye, but if you measure a circular table top with the grain and then across the grain, there should be a difference if the table is an antique.

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Machine cut dovetails were made from the middle of the 1800s onward. Three-ply plywood as we know it today was made in 1905. On turned parts of furniture, such as chair legs, use calipers to take measurements to check for shrinkage.

Antiques will show evidence of use and normal wear and tear.

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Windsor chairs were not around before the Queen Anne period.

Up-and-down saws left vertical, crisp uniform marks and were used from 1700 to the 1860s.

There are numerous charts and even a checklist for Carte de visites. If you work with historic photographs in any way and need information based upon them, this book will be a great tool.

I have a collection of Cabinet Cards and this book helped me learn a lot about them. You can date the photos by paper printed on, type of edging on card, is the printers name embellished or plain, the color of the card.

Wood will also show signs of oxidation and patination with prolonged exposure to air and light.