But don’t sit on him hard or move in quick, opposite directions all of a sudden, without any warning.You may end up fracturing him down there if you don’t take it easy! As soon as both of you feel in the mood, both of you will have a preconceived notion about what’s to come next.[Read: 10 ways to please your man in bed and everywhere else] #4 Foreplay when you’re on top.

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Both of you have to feel in sync with each other to actually enjoy sex.

If you move too aggressively, your man who’s lying down would never be able to keep up with you and he’ll end up feeling left out of the game because he won’t feel involved.

You’ll feel stronger and enjoy the girl on top position better.

[Read: 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship] #2 Tie your hair.

Things to know when you’re on top When you’re on top, there are a few precautions to keep in mind and a few things you need to know to make sex more enjoyable for both of you. You’re jumping on and off all the time, and that involves a lot of your biggest muscles like the ones in your legs.

Use these things-to-know to learn more about the sexy girl on top position. Sitting on your guy and pounding on him or grinding circles around his member isn’t as simple as it sounds. Every now and then, rest your hands on the sides of your man or place it over his chest so you can take the pressure off your legs.The girl on top sex position Before using any of these tips, remember this.You may feel awkward or uncomfortable about the way you think you look when you’re bouncing off your man, but your man would find you more sexier than ever in the controlling girl on top position.Whether you’re a “sugar baby” looking for a wealthy boyfriend or girlfriend, or an older person looking for a hot young thing to use as arm candy, this popular app has 3 million users looking for either sex or companionship.Yes, it’s a polarizing app, but it definitely has an audience.By doing that, you won’t disappoint him because he’d know what to expect.