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You’ll feel stronger and enjoy the girl on top position better.

He’ll enjoy the attention because he really doesn’t have to do much here.

Blow him or kiss him all around his member and turn him on. Take your time before sitting on him or he may end up losing his erection.

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When you want to get on top, make him lie down on his back and stroke him all over.

Both of you have to feel in sync with each other to actually enjoy sex.

If you move too aggressively, your man who’s lying down would never be able to keep up with you and he’ll end up feeling left out of the game because he won’t feel involved.

By doing that, you won’t disappoint him because he’d know what to expect.

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Almost always, the guy assumes he’ll be on top and prepares his mind for it.

But if you intend to get on top, let him know just how horny you are, and that you want to take the lead and get on top of him.

But don’t sit on him hard or move in quick, opposite directions all of a sudden, without any warning.