However, this is compensated by their comparatively low amount of life points.

Upon entering the cavern, the player appears on a small platform with stairs to the lower level and can see a mithril dragon off in the distance in another part of the upper level.

No creatures on the lower level are visible until the player descends the stairs, so the platform cannot be used for making ranged or magic attacks.

A fairy ring () at the western end of the lower level can be restored for use with a spade (tool belt works) and 5 bittercap mushrooms.

The player can repair the ring by planting the mushrooms on the "enchanted land" spot near the centre of the ring.

None of the monsters in the Ancient Cavern, except skeleton heavy, can be poisoned.

To access the dungeon the player must have learned about funeral pyre burning, in Barbarian Training from Otto Godblessed.

Players must dive into the whirlpool to enter the cavern, which contains many high-level monsters, including a high level metal dragon, the mithril dragon, and the slayer master Kuradal.

The cavern can only be accessed after the player has completed the first part of Barbarian Firemaking, requiring level 35 Firemaking.

The good thing about this cave is that there is a staircase in the north-eastern end, on the surface there is Edible seaweed that can heal 200 life points.

If utilised correctly, you can stay here for quite a long time, farming clue scrolls or black masks. Players need a light source (such as Seer's headband 4 or a bullseye lantern) to operate in the cave.

It is recommended to carry an icon in inventory when using this tactic, in case close combat occurs by accident.