On the left is the Luke that I had when I was a boy, right after the first movie came out.

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‘s most stunning finding is that women now make up half of the American workforce, and are the primary breadwinner or co-breadwinner in 2/3 of American families.

While I think the report goes too far in calling us “a woman’s nation” – for one thing, women still earn much less, both in terms of average annual income and lifetime income, than men – it does highlight a significant change in American culture.

He can’t get enough of you and lets you know every chance he gets… You don’t know what’s wrong but he’s not […] This one is kind of my pet peeve… They say, “Marni, I just don’t get it…” “I’m amazing… Some […] Let’s say you meet a man and he’s got it all going on… ” The first question you need to answer is — do you trust yourself? If you’re going to date with dignity (and I hope you are)…

What does it […] So you’ve met a guy and things are going great… Then all of a sudden without warning, your great guy seems to lose that lovin’ feeling…

aimed at boys – they’ve become more muscular, conveying a greater impression of raw physical power.

This wouldn’t be especially remarkable if not for the fact that physical power is less and less needed in our society – even in the military.

Masculinity has been constructed over the last century almost entirely around the idea of men as providers and protectors, and frankly, women don’t need that any more.

Already in at least a dozen major metropolitan areas, women earn on average more than men.

We ended up wanting to hang out longer than planned so we drove to the Santa Monica Pier, to continue with the tourist theme, and watched the sunset from the Ferris Wheel (swoon).