If you have an interesting brain I might want to get inside and see what it can do.

The girl sat at her Daddy's feet under his desk as he worked away tirelessly.

Yes I am 19 years old however I still act like a child so I do have daddy issues but as far as that is concerned get to know me more and I can tell you more if you want to know. H-hi Sir my name is bella and your profile interested me.

Daddy dom adult chat-47

I like theatre, movies and the outdoors a great deal - and yes with my perverted mind I can think of all kinds of wonderful and evil things to do to keep my sweet girl on edge in all of those activities.

I have a very creative mind and can even be very silly.

I have blue eyes and I'm a country person so I understand when people say they want loyal and serious in a person.

animal lover and I hate playing games I'm also 5'4.

At least his job allowed him to work from the comfort of his home where she could keep him company.

A pile of her pen and ink sketches lay scattered over her lap, she picked them up and put them down on the floor - unable to feed her creativity any longer.I am very playful as well as very romantic and want to share all of me with my babygirl.I don''''''''t play games, I don''''''''t cheat and I always do my best to make sure my lady knows 24/7 that she is my precious baby girl and more, my most cherished love.Tip and worship like there's no tomorrow, only today3.Talk to me if you want something/Ask for a private4. Don't be ashamed of your fetish (I've heard many)6. Remember I'm a Fin Dom I'm straight but I welcome any gender or orientation.Her arms were wrapped around one of his calves in a soft embrace with her cheek pressed gently against his knee.