VIP members can find out who has viewed their profile.Flikdate Similar to Skyecandy’s Video Dating feature, Flikdate is for people who only have time and patience for “the fastest date in the world.” Mainly a speed-dating tool for your mobile phone, Flikdate is a cute and fun app that does away with having to compose lengthy dating profiles and waiting for a chat or email response from someone you’re interested in; signup is pretty instantaneous and you immediately are able to chat with prospective dates.

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According to the site, “Gamers carry a specific social stigma in today’s society.

Introduce yourself as someone who plays video games, and you already feel a [judgment] coming.

It sort of pays homage to its former “fantasy dating site” label by encouraging users to “create the ultimate you;” you can use your Facebook details as a base for your dating profile and add more specific qualities to improve your matches.

Don’t judge the acting abilities of the “users” featured in the video below too hard. LFG Dating This is a pretty plain and straightforward dating site, specifically for gamers looking for gamer mates.

It’s definitely a unique twist to just plain virtual romance over emails and IM chats.

If you’re still sucking up enough courage to even start a video chat with someone over Skype, this site is perfect for you – it’s like going on a trial run before committing to a date in real life.Is the guy you’re talking to showing you his schlong?Not a problem – Flikdate has a Perv alert button that immediately terminates the transmission of an inappropriate video.It makes sense to have a portal that makes it easy for cat lovers to connect like Purrsonals.You can video and audio chat, send emails and photos, browse through the latest cat news, and overall tell stories proving your shared love for your feline friends.For anyone who’s done it before, those generic, boy-meets-girl (or boy-meets-boy … you get the picture) dating sites are full of options. Skyecandy This service takes the tediousness out of developing an online romance with someone over a long correspondence (although that’s a pretty good way to establish a solid foundation).