Within the communal place, they share their experiences of Him from his or her time alone with the Lord in her or his cell.

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During formation, I met many different Franciscans from the variety of different groups in the Church. Albert of Jerusalem, the local patriarch during our foundation period on Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land. Albert within the rule supported local practices the hermits had already committed themselves to on Mount Carmel.

One thing I always heard from these amazing men and women, was the question, “What would St. ” That sort of question is not part of our Carmelite vocabulary. He honored their life while also trying to regularize it. 17), we emphasize him as a Bishop and Lawgiver, a founder.

From there they are called out to be with the community.

From this communal moment, the Carmelite is called to go into the world and minister; even the hermits on Mount Carmel cared for pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Near the end of the day, the three points are reversed: the Carmelite moves from the world back to the community and then to their own cell.

These places of encounter in the local community and world are the nectar by which the Carmelite offers up to the Lord in their cell. Because it is God alone who can transform that nectar into honey.

It is in the cell where a Carmelite learns to be with, listen to, and rely on God.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance for a Carmelite to craft their cell into a true place of prayer.

Yet, each is dependent upon the life and character of their founder, whether literal or spiritual, as the source that fundamentally shapes their way of life.