Remember, there are three separate agencies reporting on your credit history, and mistakes occur frequently.

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In contrast, the Trinity DMP ensures that you pay less credit card interest, get out of debt faster, and never put your personal assets at risk.

Debt Management Program membership does not prevent you from purchasing a car or home.

Debt consolidation loans are always very costly in the long run.

Plus, lenders may require that you borrow against your car or home, which puts your most valuable personal assets at risk.

After completing the credit counseling session, a credit counselor will follow up with you by e-mail or telephone, at your convenience, within one business day.

Once you’re in the debt management program, you will then be able to make one simple monthly payment to Advantage CCS.

Your counselor will work closely with creditors, identifying opportunities to relieve your financial burden as much as possible, putting you back on track toward financial freedom.

Rest assured, our counselors are certified, experienced and caring professionals who are ready to put you on a path toward financial freedom.

Furthermore, because you’ll be making so much progress in eliminating your debts, your unsecured creditors may agree to stop charging late and over-limit fees, and sometimes reducing they will reduce interest rates, all of which saves you money.