Want to know more about Colombian women and what works best for setting up dates? This section is based on my experience with Colombian women from Medellin.

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This is not personal but their way of living in the moment. One Sunday she asked if we could meet in a few hours.

I said I was relaxing at my pool and she was welcome to stop by. (note: I put had a few Skype session prior to meeting in person).

Developing a flexible state of mind and “go with the flow” attitude are essential.

Accept that plans are Fluid, not set in stone and are subject to change.

The adaptation of your mindset will pay dividends in the long-run.

The women of Colombia enrapture us with their beauty and femininity.

Girls from Medellin “Paisas” are proud of their culture, music, food and language. I have been flaked on in Colombia too many times to count.

They seem to have even more local pride than national pride. I recommend the following for dealing with flakes: Don’t automatically “next her” because she flakes.

They are mountain people and have an insular culture. Girls from Medellin always return to Medellin after living abroad. Nothing is more safe, relaxing and meaningful for them. There is billboard in Medellin which translated says, “Let’s see what happens”. This does not necessarily signify a lack of interest.