They meet again when Caleb plays a bit part as a nurse during filming. They meet again when Caleb plays a bit part as a nurse during filming. Caleb's past comes into view, and Red is viewing a new future.

All this while Hagen ran away from the pain and joined the military, ended up in a war, and came home with PTSD. In the meantime, Hagen has had his fair share of hook ups, but he does not trust anyone with his whole heart anymore and even with his pseudo-relationship with Ash – a movie star / hound dog – he is not able to commit.

What Hagen doesn’t deny is that his feelings for Mitch are still as alive as ever…but his trust of the man is near nonexistent. I honestly hated the arrogance of Mitch for a while.

The whole cast are interesting people and we absolutely LOVE our men. the worst of all is that I really enjoyed the beginning of the story.

Max Walker is a fantastic writer, and really gives our hearts some huge hugs. Red's first appearance was awesome but after 45% the plot was a nightmare.

From the outside looking in, anyone would have thought the action star and billionaire heir lived a great life with his girlfriend and millions of adoring fans.

The tidal wave came the day Red and Caleb first met, wiping out both their boats and showing them there was much more to life and love than they let themselves believe.This time round it's a bizarre side plot which involves blackmail for no really justified reason - i.e.the reason given in the EDIT: Im uping my rating to 4 stars because I did actually enjoy this one and I think I was being a tad harsh knocking two stars off for a minor plot issue. I always love the ideas behind his books and, in the main, they're always an enjoyable read.He was driving so fast to manoeuvre away from guns firing at him. With the crowds of people trying to escape, parents shrieking their scared children. As he sped even faster he rushed grinding the gears of his ultra fast sports car Red knew he would so easily get away finally stopping reaching across the car to get his pistol out facing the other car and passenger, named Gage. I thoroughly adored this thrilling, most exciting gay romance. They were funny, sexy in this wonderful love story.Red was gorgeous tonight in his formal suit and tie. I just can't wait to read more of these most exceptional book.Let me explain…Mitch and Hagen were high school sweethearts whose love came to a screeching halt once Mitch ran off to college a year before Hagen. Hagen was devastated when his one true love dumped him, via phone, and moved on without him.