Depending on the idea, I either follow this with a detailed drawing to resolve the finer points of the composition which can then be transferred to the canvas and will change very little in the process of painting, or I may very loosely block in the first composition on the canvas and work out the finer details with the model during the first sitting.

She followed this initial impulse by researching drawing techniques in the London museums, spending time studying anatomy at the UCL Medical School and eventually moving to Florence to train at The Florence Academy of Art.

From there she went on to spend several summers at the summer studio of renowned Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum.

Luna's portrayal of European women can be seen in his Las Damas Romanas (Roman Women, 1882), the Odalisque (1885), La MadrileƱa (The Woman from Madrid, c.

1880s), En el Balcon (At the Balcony, 1884), Picnic in Normany (c. 1890s), Mi Novia (My Girlfriend) and La Marquesa de Monte Bolivar (The Marchioness of Monte Olivar, 1881).

Following her childhood dream, she moved to London after finishing her formal education, to work for Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Her love for drawing and painting was first inspired by a visit to the Watts Gallery near Guilford.

She is a classically trained artist with an interest both in Renaissance and 19th Century techniques.

A native Austrian, Clarissa grew up in Munich, Germany where she became involved in films at an early age.

Her own caul disappeared at birth, and it is impossible to resist the temptation to draw parallels between this and the subject matter she chooses to depict; as if the spirit of her caul was somehow exerting an ineffable influence on her paintings.

Her work places an emphasis on the importance of human evolution through veils of consciousness. She is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Ewelina exhibits her work in galleries and museums across the United States and abroad.