This flies in the face of all we’ve been taught about how to be a better man, an alpha, a warrior, this selfless individual who does for others before he does for himself.

We’re taught that a leader takes care of those around him before he worries about his own needs.

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Move away from that which keeps you small even if its held under the illusion of happiness.

Move into the life of pain, the life of growth, the life of endless work and improvement of the self and realize the potential that has eluded every human that has ever walked this planet save a few souls who dared to challenge the realities of their peers, who dared to create their own existence and live life daily feeding that once flickering flame that has eventually grown into an unquenchable blaze, a legend that will never be forgotten as long as men walk this earth.

In being selfish, you’re being better, you’re becoming a better man, a better father, a better care-taker of those you care , lifting, training, working your ass off to become better.

Don’t worry about the douche next to you, eyebrows plucked to perfection, fake tan, flexing in the mirror for others under the guise of self-improvement.

Regardless, I had to take a step back for a second.

Here I was, having been taught to help first, that the man who gives everything away is good and pure, it’s a lie.

We’re taught that goodness comes from service, and change in this world, if you want to become a legend, a real leader, a real man, and an alpha male, you have to be more self-centered.

I think it was 5 years ago, but my dates are a little foggy.

I want it to impact the lives of millions, forming a tribe of strong, gritty, good men than will change time’s course versus the direction of history had it not been created.