Magazine about some of her favorite memories from the 90s. What’s one beauty trend you tried in the 90s that makes you cringe now? In the eighties they were kind of thick and then in the nineties they got thin, thin, thin and I did that. We were about to pee in our pants about every night. I watched his show almost every night and studied how he was able to have all of these dancers on stage but he still stood out. I was like, “Okay, the dancers can never out-dance me! Sounds like MC Hammer made a pretty lasting impression on Chilli.

Do you have a favorite memory of touring in the 90s? Just coming out and opening for him on tour…at the time he was on top of the world.

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Floyd Mayweather and R&B singer Keyshia Cole There is a trend in Hollywood of famous men abusing their ex-wives and ex-girlfriends, even though they are dating other people.

Case in point, Mayweather has been dating famous women and unknowns, yet became enraged with his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his children, for finding someone else.

Besides Usher, Chilli has previously dated Dallas Austin and TJ Holmes, while Brad romanced actress Jasmine Burke for several years. Hit the flip for more photos of the happy couple together.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas recently sat down with Wendy Williams to chat about dating Usher again, her cooking skills, and she confirmed that there’s a movie’s.

Mayweather was arrested on a domestic violence charge and for larceny, as he took Harris' purse.

Floyd Mayweather and R&B singer, Rhozanda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC The violence against women by famous men is growing more disturbing with each incident that hits the headlines.

BOSSIP can exclusively confirm that Chilli has been happily dating working actor Brad James quietly under the radar for the past six months.

A source close to the singer tells BOSSIP that she’s very happy.

Thomas filed a ,500 lawsuit against Atlanta Highline Consulting LLC, a car and truck brokerage firm owned by Joshua William Waddell on Sept. Court documents obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Thomas wired Waddell ,000 on Oct. The Escalade EXT deal followed a similar one in August 2014 in which Thomas said she purchased another Escalade EXT for ,375 from Atlanta Highline Consulting LLC and Waddell.