I wasn’t surprised by the survey results stating that 15/18 people said that they had never posted something on social media that they had later regretted.

Chatroulette no cards-13

He was the one that shared Katia’s tweet, but he never actually commented on it.

This reminded me of Justine Sacco’s experience of having her tweet shared by another individual with a much larger number of followers.

Looking through his feed I noticed that he shared the same article over and over (about how birth control is making women crazy and unattractive), so I eventually clicked on it- just to see.

I laughed when I realized the article he was sharing over and over was written by himself. In fact his whole feed looked a lot like a crazy person rant to me.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about how SK youth use social media- it was a great learning experience for me. I can honestly say he is not what I expected to find.

He is arrogant (expected), racist (expected), a misogynist (expected), but he also seems to be very charismatic- which explains the 118,000 followers.

There were also some students that readily admitted that it was simply “lots” or “Not enough” to separate them from their devices.

“I can’t give it up- I’d lose my Snapchat streaks” made me both laugh and admire the genius nature of Snapchat’s programs in terms of engaging youth to use their programs more and more.

Most reported checking many of their social media accounts before leaving the house in the morning- many before they even got out of bed.